Statements by Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Against the Use of Violence in Her Name

These are quotes from Dr. Aafia during her sentencing hearing in 2010: 
BEFORE THE 86 years was announced: 
“I'm really, really, really asking all the Muslims especially, don't commit any act of violence. In fact, don't do anything. Just pray to God. Do not -- if you are living in a non-Muslim country anywhere in the world people need to know about Islam, they need to know that our Prophet is a Prophet sent as a mercy to the universe.” 

"I don't want any violence in my name, please."

"Do not demonstrate, do not get into anything negative. There is no point. God is in charge. Nobody knows. And when God has written, believe me, he has written for me to come out of prison I am going to come out. If he has the written for it -- hey, I was kept in secret prison for years, people thought I was dead, whatever. So, it was written for me so it happened. I am content thanks to Allah

Yes, sir. That's my wish. I mean, I wish peace everywhere."
AFTER being told she was given 86 years:
"I just want to say one thing. I am one person and the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, forgave all his personal enemies no matter how many how much injustice. And we all know, people who know him, how much he suffered but he never took personal revenge. He did go after people for other reasons but not for personal revenge ever.
Forgive everybody in my case, please. From even in the future what they may potentially do to me. If I'm forgiving them and I have -- even I announced during the trial forgave the two soldiers who shot me, so just forgive them,  please. Don't get angry. If I'm not then nobody else should. Just, the world is full of injustices. You can strive in many ways to make the world a more livable, peaceful place and if I know that people are doing that because I said that,  that would make me so happy. You know? It would just, you know.
 So that's clear, right? Thank you."
THE COURT: Thank you.
THE DEFENDANT: And the also forgive Judge Berman. I didn't say that because I want the anger to be directed to him, the point about the jury. That was just a clarification. I'm not recommending being angry at anybody for me.
THE COURT: Let me tell you, I appreciate it.
 THE DEFENDANT: No problem.
THE COURT: And I wish more defendants would tell it  the same way that you do.