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Write Letters to Dr. Aafia: One of the hardest aspects of incarceration for Dr. Aafia is the feeling of isolation. The feeling that the entire world has forgotten about you. This is a type of torture that has serious impacts on Dr. Aafia. Make a difference by writing a letter to Dr. Aafia. Attorney Elbially will take those letters to Dr. Aafia so she knows the world has not forgotten about her. Important, when you write a letter, keep in mind that the letter will be opened and reviewed before being given to Dr. Aafia. She is incarcerated and for security reasons any correspondence is read.

  • Mail Your Letter to P.O. Box #### ### ## ###

Individuals Join the Campaign for Dr. Aafia: As a member of this campaign you'll be given the latest information about Dr. Aafia, our strategy to get her released, and opportunities to sign petitions and meet Government officials to petition for her release.

Organizations Join the Why Aafia Coalition: We are looking for human and civil rights organizations to join the