For many, the case of Dr. Aafia is difficult to wrap your head around. People tend to get confused about her timeline and what happened when.

Questions such as when did she go missing? When was she arrested? What date was she shot by a U.S. Soldier? When did her court case begin? The list goes on.

Due to this, media outlets used that confusion to paint Dr. Aafia as something that she is not.

Our legal team has put together a comprehensive timeline that is a resource for the public to gain a better understanding of what really happened, when, and it's impact on Dr. Aafia. We hope that you will use the timeline as a resource to support Dr. Aafia.


The Why Aafia Campaign is a project that represents Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. Our mission is to build a movement to one day see Dr. Aafia released from prison.

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